Librarians Without Borders

When I was thinking about what to include in this week’s post, I decided to read through the two I have already done.  Analysis: Ok, I brought up interesting points…that were maybe a little long winded?  So what can I do differently this week?  With our 605 search engine assignment fresh in my head I decided to go with the obvious: Google it.  I decided to type “librarian” into the search bar and discuss one thing that I am unfamiliar with, and look at it through the lens of our readings. So what did I come up with?:

Librarians Without Borders.  The first and most obvious thing that comes to mind is Doctors Without Borders.  It’s a pretty ubiquitous program, so I’m sure many have heard of it.  But Librarians Without Borders is new to me and veeerrrryyy interesting.  I am very…and I stress very new to this field and have only recently begun to explore all of the wonderful organizations and projects within the library field.

After reading their “About Our Organization” section I really wanted to share what they have written under “Our Values”:

Libraries have a fundamental role as defenders of intellectual freedom and providers of equal access to information.

Access to information is vital in supporting learning and literacy, reducing poverty, empowering citizens, and building healthy, strong communities.

We do not draw cultural or linguistic boundaries – diversity is embraced; we will work with our partners in their own cultural context and in their own languages.

Our efforts are enhanced by working collaboratively, internally as well as externally with the domestic and international community, to further our mutual goals.

Are you teary and excited yet?  Do you want to get involved? You can become an online member, donate, or the best of all…participate.

October 3-5 is the Library 2.012 Global Online Conference.  Proposals were due by the 15th of September, but if you’re interested you can attend the virtual conference…for free! 

Here they have organized (aren’t librarians awesome?) a list of proposals from last year’s conference and some of them really get your head running.


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September 18, 2012 · 12:08 pm

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